Video & Workshop Resources

Workshop Resources:

DescriptionDate Posted
Recognition of Prior Learning - Best PracticeJune 2016
Assessor & Moderator Capacitation WorkshopMay 2016

Conference Resources:

DescriptionFile Type
Best practice on: Workplace Skills Planning (WSPs) and Annual Training ReportsPower Point Presentation (.PPS)
Career opportunities for Youth in the Green Economy: Skills and Careers in this fieldPower Point Presentation (.PPS)
Mentorship and Coaching FrameworkPower Point Presentation (.PPS)
Skills Development: a real world updatePower Point Presentation (.PPS)
Recognition of Prior LearningPower Point Presentation (.PPS)
Information taken from a Presentation to Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Education and TrainingPower Point Presentation (.PPS)
Why a Training Committee?Power Point Presentation (.PPS)
Skills Development- a real world update: An Update on Key Legislation affecting skills development in South AfricaPower Point Presentation (.PPS)
Skills Development: a real world updatePower Point Presentation (.PPS)
Further Education and Training: Making graduates employable, creating a diverse work force and meeting the needs of the country's economyPower Point Presentation (.PPS)
Advanced Skills Auditing Conference 2016Power Point Presentation (.PPS)
Getting people to work, making work for peoplePower Point Presentation (.PPS)
Graduate Employability And Industry Partnerships Conference 2016Power Point Presentation (.PPS)
IPD an introductionPower Point Presentation (.PPS)
Learnerships and WiLPower Point Presentation (.PPS)
New Landscape Skills Development V3Power Point Presentation (.PPS)
Purposeful Leadership and ManagementPower Point Presentation (.PPS)
Skills Auditing and Needs Analysis Conference 2016Power Point Presentation (.PPS)
Skills Development Facilitators Summit 2016Power Point Presentation (.PPS)
Understanding the Challenges and Successes of Work Integrated Learning and Learnerships : A comparative analysisPower Point Presentation (.PPS)


The Institute of People Development (12 min)

IPD House Conference and Training Venue (3 min)

Implementing RPL, A license to skill (23 min)

CPD Toolkit for Adult Learning Practitioners